Back-up Camera
For you and your families safety we offer back up camera installation. backup

The camera is mounted in the rear license area to
televise the view behind your vehicle. There are several options for the display.

1. 4″ Dash Mount Screen
2. Replacement Mirror With Built In Screen
3. Replacement Mirror With Built In 3.5″ screen w/Compass & Temp Display.

Back out of that parking spot knowing what is behind you!

We have two video options for you to choose from.

Drop Down Display
1. Screen Size Options 8.5″, 10.2″ or 12″. Drop Down Display
2. Built in DVD Player
3. IR Transmitter for Wireless Head Phones
4. Four Audio/video source inputs
5. Channel up/down
6. Remote Control
7. Switched Dome Lights
8. Two wireless headphones
9. FM modulator to play through stereo speakers
10. Available in Shale(tan) or Pewter(gray)

Headrest Mount
Modular headrests with built in LCD screens that actually replace the original equipment headrests in your vehicle. These custom headrests are designed to match the style of your OE headrests as well as your vehicle interior.

1. Two 7″ LCD Monitors
2. Built in DVD Players
3. Plays DVD, CD and MP3 Formats
4. Adjustable Viewing Angles
5. On Screen Displayheadrest video display
6. Unique 2 in 1 Remote Control
7. Enclosed Post Wiring Game Control
8. Push Soft Touch Open and Close
9. Factory Matched Headrests
10. Thirty-two 2 Way Player Games
11. Sixteen Channel Wireless FM Modulator
12. USB Port Storage Devices
13. SD Card Slot for Photo Slide Show
*Actual product/manufacturing may differ slightly from products pictured.

Power Door Locks
We can install Power Door Locks to any vehicle that has manual locks. All doors will lock/unlock with your key.

Power Windows
We can install power windows on any vehicle that was not originally equipped with them. This unit is placed entirely inside the door and
does not alter the external appearance of the door, it will look like it came from the factory with power windows.

Keyless Entry
We can install keyless entry to work with your power door locks. This is a great safety feature you won’t be outside your car fumblingwith your keys in the dark or rain. Our keyless entry comes with 2 remotes.keyless entry

Additional Options
1. Parking Lights Flash to confirm
2. Dome Light Illuminates
3. Panic Feature
4. Trunk Release(on vehicles with power trunk release)

Don’t have power door locks? No Problem, we also install power door locks.

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