Heating and Cooling

We specialize in the repair and installation of automotive A/C systems. We perform basic A/C charges along with checking and repairing any leaks while replacing any failed parts.

We have over 30 years of trusted service and experience in A/C repair.air conditioning service and repair

We service many vans and SUVs where the rear lines are leaking. These lines are aluminum and do not hold up well in our winter weather. When we replace these lines we use rubber lines that hold up very well to our harsh winter environment.

air conditioning hose repair

We work on many vehicles that have both front and rear A/C including vans and SUVs. Often we find that the rear air has failed while the front air is still working. When this happens, you have the option of saving some money by capping off the rear A/C so the front A/C can still be used. You still have the option of repairing the rear AC at a later time if desired.

No reason to freeze this winter, we are able to diagnose and repair your heating issues.

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