Remote Start Installation

Enjoy the comfort and safety of a remote start system in your car. During the winter months, start your car to warm up on those chilly mornings or during the summer allow your air conditioning to cool the interior before getting in on those hot days.

We are the most experienced and trusted remote start installer in Western Wisconsin.
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  • Start your car with virtually unlimited range
  • Warm your car in winter; cool your car in summer
  • Lock, unlock your vehicle and pop your trunk
  • Arm the alarm to protect your car
  • Activate panic alarm to protect yourself
  • Alarm Events: It’s like an alarm pager on your smartphone – with virtually unlimited range!
  • Users receive confirmation when commands are received and will be notified if their command was not received.
  • Passcode Protection: Users can lock the app by selecting a 4-digit PIN for a higher level of security


Features: 2-Way technology will confirm your commands virtually instantly using brilliant flashing LEDs on the remote.Remote Start RS624

Benefits: Start the vehicle & receive confirmation from up to 2,000′ feet away*, confirmation of command with LED on each button on 2524tx remote, Remote Keyless entry, Timer mode starts vehicle automatically at preset intervals.

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Features: 1-Way Remote Start System offering 2000 Feet of RangeRemote Start RS711

Benefits: Compact and rugged 1-button system offers a great application for vehicle equipped with factory remote built-in key, Budget pricing remote start system because of simplified installation and Super Heterodyne Receiver technology provides range up to 2000 feet*

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Features: 1-Way Remote Start and Security System with 2000 Feet Range*Remote Start RSS2514

Benefits: Compact multi-channel 4-button remote with 2000 feet of range*, Alarm upgradeable (using optional alarm package) and Low temp starting mode.

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Features: 2-Way LCD Remote Start and Security System with up to One Mile RangeRemote Start RSS5225
Benefits: Built-in rechargeable lithium Ion batteries, Ultimate 2-way communication with graphics and audio tones on transmitter with 5000 feet range*, Multi-channel and vehicle remote control capability, Vehicle status indicator via remote, Alarm Link alerts you if the factory alarm is triggered.

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Stene’s has been providing quality and trusted installation and repair services in the Eau Claire area for over 30 years. Don’t just trust anyone to install accessories in your vehicle only to have problems down the road. Go with a company that stands behind all of their products and services.

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